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Kegels Harley Davidson - Biker Jam 2007

We'd like to thank all of our friends and family for coming to the show and supporting Von Raknid Custom Painting. We'd also like to congratulate Trent for his First Place Trophy. A lot of the paint jobs on these bikes can be found on the web site (it is nice to see the fully assembled bike).

Please note that all of the pictures below can be clicked on for a larger view.

Picture Left
The image on the tank is not painted, there is so much polish & clearcoat on this tank that what you are seeing is the mirror reflection of the bike next to it. This bike is the last in line in picture right.

Picture Right
The orange bike reflected on the tank is 2nd from the last in line.

Picture Left
Trent with his First Place Award.

Picture Right
Jimmy with the Tangerine Dream.
This bike took first place at Wheels Fest 2006.
(Is that Trent in the background giggling - not this year pal!)

Jimmy, Spider & Gloria
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