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Von Raknid is the home for proud displays of world renouned custom airbrush, custom graphics, pinstriping, custom lettering, custom gold leaf, custom colors, molding, and body work completed on virtually everything with a motor. Feel free to browse the site and contact us for any questions.

Just try not to steal anything...


October 24th 2007
Added new pictures to Bikes, Helmets & Guitars. Also added a New award from the Kegel Biker Jam Show. Added a new section to the site for Shows that we have a booth at.

March 18th 2007
National contract pictures have been added along with the Misc. section

March 17th 2007
It has been awhile since our last update but we'll have a bunch rolling out really fast so stay tuned. For today we've touched up the galleries so that the newest work is on the first page. That way you don't have to go back through bunches of pages to find our latest stuff. Just click on the section you want to see and if there is something you haven't seen yet it will be there.

Next up we've added two new sections to the site. One for showcasing awards our work has won, and another for any National contracts or special projects that we have been involved in. We're going to be filling up those sections pretty fast, so check back often.

September 12th 2006: New bikes and helmets have been added.

June 22th 2006: New bikes have been added

June 21th 2006: New helmets have been added

June 20th 2006: New misc items have been added

June 19th 2006: New site design is launched!

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